For more than four decades, Commercial Door Products has distributed and installed commercial hollow metal doors and frames throughout the Southeast. Our hollow metal doors and frames come from the finest manufacturers in the world.

Click on any of the manufacturers below to learn more about their product list for hollow metal doors & frames:


CURRIES is the leading manufacturer of steel and Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) doors along with steel and aluminum frames. CURRIES has one of the largest production facilities in the industry and offers fire-rated, windstorm-certified and specialty doors and frames available in composite or steel-stiffened cores.


Mesker Door, Inc. manufactures hollow metal doors, frames and hardware for the commercial, industrial and institutional construction markets. Our products represent the pinnacle of innovation, craftsmanship and quality. Mesker Door, Inc. has been a distinguished leader in the building industry for more than 145 years, longer than any other hollow metal door and frame company in America.


HMF Express is a manufacturer of custom hollow metal doors and hollow metal frames that you can count on to meet your quick ship needs.

Anemostat is the largest manufacturer of metal vision frames and door louvers in North America. Although our roots come from over seventy-five years in the Air Distribution / HVAC business, our Door Products division has been the leader in product quality, engineering and development for over forty years.